Now serving Culpeper, Orange, Madison & Rappahannock Counties

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CIL Services for Lower PD 

The disAbility Resource Center was awarded a SILC grant to assist in CIL Development for Culpeper, Orange, Madison & Rappahannock Counties

Centers are non-profit organizations which are funded by state, federal, local, and private dollars.

Over $1.5 million of general operation money for CILs in Virginia is funded under Part C of Title VII of the Federal Rehabilitation Act.

Virginia General Fund dollars for Center operations and Youth Transition Services currently exceed $5 million. Over the last five years a portion of the General Fund dollars was used to expand Centers for Independent Living.

Centers also solicit local and private funding to meet service needs which have been identified at the local level.




  • Assist people with disabilities to understand their responsibilities and rights in regards to housing, employment, education, and community access.

Information & Referral

  • Provide information and resources to the community on disability related topics from the local, state and national levels.
  • Provide workshops and trainings for people with disabilities, their families and the community.

Peer Mentoring

  • People with disabilities assisting people with disabilities to pursue their goals and recognize their own abilities.
  • Provide family support to build and sustain positive and healthy relationships

Transition Services

  • Assist people with disabilities to transition from nursing homes and institutional settings back to their homes and community.
  • Provide information and training to youth and their families about transition from high school to adult life.

Independent Living Skills Training

  • Assist people with disabilities to define their individual independent living goals and develop a plan to successfully meet those goals.
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Centers for Independent Living


The dRC is a non-profit Center for Independent Living (CIL) that provides service and advocacy promoting independence, empowerment and productivity of people with disabilities. CILs work with both individuals and communities to remove barriers to independence and promote equality of persons with disabilities.


Unlike other organizations that assist people with disabilities, CILs are made up of the people it serves. A majority of the staff and Board of Directors are people with disabilities and family members of people with disabilities.


At the heart of the dRC’s philosophy and operation is the fundamental belief that people with disabilities have the right of choice in their life and the right of full participation in all aspects of the community.

We Need You!

Development of a CIL

Centers for Independent Living are created through the efforts of local people with disabilities, their family members, friends, and other interested persons. As people become organized, they begin to assess the local needs, level of local interest and support for a Center. Successful establishment of a Center for Independent Living often depends on networking, personal involvement, coalition building, and a commitment to the empower-ment of persons with disabilities.

We need you!

If you are interested in your community developing a Center of Independent Living, join your friends and dRC in the creation of a CIL for people with disabilities, by people with disabilities to benefit the whole community!

For more information send us a message or call 540-373-2559 Ext#101.


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