Advocacy Group
Virtual Monthly Meeting

The dRC teaches and enables people with disabilities to express their views, access information, defend their rights, and explore their choices. Learn from our staff and with members of the dRC Advocacy Group:

  • Self-advocacy –expressing and defending your views, wants, and needs 
  • Group advocacy –supporting and working with others for a common cause
  • Legislative advocacy – influencing policies and laws.

Contact Deborah Lately, Director of Advocacy, at 540-373-2559.

“Live Life Your Way”
Video Series

Check out the disAbility Resource Center Fredericksburg YouTube Channel. We provide independent living tools for the disability community on topics such as advocacy, cooking, employment, and other Independent Living Skills. Tune in to see tips on healthcare, resume writing, gardening, voting, and more! 

Empowerment Group
Virtual Weekly Meeting

Are you struggling to find things to do at home during the pandemic? Are you a person with a disability who is interested in learning Independent living skills? Join the disAbility Resource Center’s Empowerment Group! A group belonging to the consumers with facilitation staff to keep things moving along. We discuss different disabilities and how they impact lives. We learn new skills from each other that help us overcome barriers in the community. We talk about doing new things and going new places! We EMPOWER each other!  

Currently, our meeting is virtual. We hope to be meeting face to face soon! If you would like to join, we will be announcing a date soon for new members to start virtually! Stay tuned to learn more! Questions? Contact Grace Marshall at 540-373-2559, or click below. 

“Show the Power of the Disability”
Live Life Your Way Series

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Your voice can only be heard through your vote. And everyone, including YOU, are free to vote absentee in this upcoming election. Remember, there is power in numbers and every vote counts! To learn more, click the link below for the Virginia Department of Elections. 

“Skills Exploration – Find Your Talent”
Live Life Your Way Series

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Do you want to join the workforce but not sure what you like to do or how to start? Our Community Integration Specialist, Kelly Keiser, will take you on an adventure to explore your skills and help you chart your own course. So, gather your gear and let’s go exploring!

“Herbs in a Jar”
Life Life Your Way Series

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Did you know that you can grow herbs in the Fall
and Winter? That’s right! All you need is just a couple of things to get started. Watch our Medicaid Specialist, Tennie Gratz, perform a live demonstration on how to plant and labels herbs in a jar.