“So, I just wanted to let you know that the “word is out” that you do good work there!” – Carmella on a training about nursing home transition.

“You are a God send for us.” – from another agency on helping their consumer understand Social Security disability benefits.

“I think the work you do is charitable and compassionate. I wish there were more people like you who do such nice things for others.” – JPF

“They are the best and most helpful people [I] will ever know. If there is anything medical you need they have it or they will help you with places that will. They’re a true blessing” – online Google review

These are comments the disAbility Resource Center has received about their services.  Everyday at the dRC we work toward helping people with disabilities in our community to live more independent lives.  It’s what what we do every day.  It’s the right thing to do and it’s who we are. The dRC helps people in different ways, depending on each individual’s needs and your donations go a long way towards helping people with disabilities to be all they can be.



With your support, the dRC was able to help Glenn,  a man  paralyzed from his neck down, move from a nursing home to independence in his own apartment.  We helped Tina, a mom who uses a wheelchair, to find greater independence by providing grant, loan and service information so she could buy a modified van and learn to drive with hand controls. We are helping Jay, a 21-year-old with learning disabilities who moved into his own apartment, to learn budgeting, cooking and more as he learns to live independently.

Santa visits the dRC!

Santa visits the dRC!

And over the last couple of years we helped individuals, young and old alike, and their families to experience one of the joys of the Christmas season – a visit with old St. Nick, in a festive, yet calm, environment.  Many of the families we serve would never be able to experience this tradition that others take for granted if not for Santa visiting with them in the quiet, relaxed environment of “Santa’s Workshop” at the dRC.  Amy, a 14-year-old girl, and Robert, a man in his twenties, both with autism, have become reclusive over the last several years and find it difficult to leave their homes. The excitement of seeing Santa at the dRC enticed them both out of their homes this season bringing untold holiday joy to their families.  A parent of another child said, “Thank you, your team and the big guy himself, Santa, so much for a wonderful experience! I could not have never imagined such an amazing situation full of patience, attention and undying efforts! Thank you so very much! I will never forget how beautiful tonight was!”

Through generous support from our donors, the disAbility Resource Center is able to provide opportunities, services, support, and information to people with disabilities so they are able to experience greater independence and inclusion in our community. Please help the dRC with our work by

  • making a one-time, end-of-year contribution using our DONATE button in the upper, right corner of this page.
  • setting up a monthly Giving Program by authorizing your bank to send us monthly contributions.
  • asking your employer if they have a matching fund plan and, if so, ask that the dRC be included in your workplace giving campaign.
  • consulting your financial advisor about including the dRC in your end-of-life plans.

Or/and you can use something as simple as AMAZON SMILE. Every time you use AmazonSmile.com when you shop on line for gifts, decorations and more, you can help earn money for the dRC.  And you can use Good Search to not only make a donation to the dRC but also to help you find a great deal on your shopping items.

The dRC is a non-profit organization.  The people that work here are invested in the people we serve.  Please join us by making your investment in the disAbility Resource Center.  For those of you donating through your local work campaign, please use the following number to support the dRC:  CFC #76990, CVC #7942, and LGC #6450


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