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My Giving Story

Won’t you help us on Giving Tuesday, November 27?  After the turkey and holiday sales, please remember to give to the disAbility Resource Center.

The dRC works to enable people of all disabilities of all ages to reach their greatest potential of independent living.  We do that in a variety of ways including providing information to individuals, their families, and the community on different services and supports.  Last night I met a woman that I helped many years ago by providing resources and suggestions that would help her grandchild, who has a significant disability, to secure appropriate school services.  I was happy to learn that the information I provided years ago led her to do even more research and become more proactive in obtaining an appropriate education for her granddaughter.

Sometimes when we help people, the results don’t manifest immediately.  It takes times to put all the pieces together and time for those pieces to take effect.  This was the case with the woman and her granddaughter.  The woman received information, shared it with her daughter, and then both women kicked in their advocacy skills to ensure the little girl was provided the free, appropriate public education she deserved.  The child is progressing nicely now, according to her grandmother, and now the child’s mom and grandmother have the resources and skills to make sure a quality education continues throughout the girl’s childhood.

I always say that at the dRC we try to teach people how to fish rather than fish for them.  We empower people and help them build their confidence and their lives.  This family proved that.  The dRC helps people with disabilities to have a voice and a choice in their life so that they can learn, live, and be included as a member of their community.

Currently, our developmental disabilities case manager is working with a young man who uses a wheelchair helping him to move from institutional care to his own apartment (with supports). He will have a roommate but otherwise will be able to direct his own life and advocate for his own choices.  Last week the dRC participated in the Pathways to the Futures conference and gave presentations and information on housing, transportation, and education that can help school age students with disabilities transition to adulthood.

The disAbility Resource Center helps people with disabilities to lead the lives they want just as everyone else.  It is what we are passionate about, it is what do, it is the right thing to do.

Please remember the dRC on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 27, and donate using the DONATE button on the top of this page to help us do our jobs of helping others to live independently.  Independent living does not mean that someone must do everything for themselves.  Some people need the assistance of aides, technology, therapies, and/or natural supports (families, friends, neighbors, etc.).  But no matter the supports, people with disabilities have a voice and a choice and they should have the independence to make decisions about their lives.


Kim Lett, dRC Program Coordinator/Deputy DirectorGiving Tuesday with Heart

Giving Tuesday with heart

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